Your specialist in technical fixing

With our 35 years of know-how, FTV has become an essential French company in terms of technical fixing, offering a unique production experience.

We have a practical / functional approach to the customer: you need to respond to a specific function, FTV brings you a technical solution as well as advice depending on the means of production. Imagine, we manufacture!

We offer a wide range of products, from customizable standardized solutions to tailor-made solutions, not to mention safety fasteners.

FTV is therefore establishing itself today as a major French player covering the arms, aeronautics, rail, building and nuclear energy sectors. Established historically in the Ardennes, we have a fleet of around 100 production and handling machines, a quarter of which are cold heading machines.

Our employees are a real asset because they proudly perpetuate traditional know-how and offer our customers ingenious solutions that allow FTV to be in the continuous improvement of products and services. FTV is ISO9001 and EN9100 certified.